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Adkrypto is a blockchain specialized marketing agency with its targeted influence in South Korea. 

Since 2017, Adkrypto has worked with over 100 clients and has promoted innovating projects to people and organizations in blockchain and other related industries.

With Adkrypto's wide experience, diverse network and its local knowledge and expertise, see the growth of your brand power and thrive in the blockchain ecosystem. 

Become the next advertising partner and maximize the effect of marketing for your company. 

Services We Provide 


Adkrypto offers the first blockchain specialized Ad Network in Korea. 

With millions of impressions and a network of hundreds of publishers, enjoy the maximum exposure of your brand and generate greater profit.


Adkrypto creates and delivers powerful and compelling messages tailored to clients' needs through active and influential online blockchain communities and social media platforms.


Adkrypto collaborates with over 40+ well-known and reliable news media in blockchain and non-blockchain space for delivering fast and accurate news. Take advantage of its wide and valuable network to reach millions of audience and improve your brand image.


Community channels such as Telegram and Kakaotalk are important means for companies to communicate with investors and users. We allow open, fast and clear communication between parties and help build healthy and strong communities.


Since 2017, Adkrypto has helped plan, organize and promote 50+ events with over 300+ companies and 25,000+ attendees.
We help create customized events well-suited to the clients' needs including seminars, meetups, forums, and conferences.  


For maximum marketing effect, Adkrypto offers various offline marketing tools to reach targeted regions and audience with its most optimized message.  Clients are able to experience maximum synergy effect with increased brand awareness and positive brand image.


Publishers and Partners

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